Thanks to:

The Brothers Wachowski
and Brothers Warner

The anonymous author of
The Matrix - a Cyberpunk Parable?
which gave voice much of
what was deep in my heart

link to more about this document

Tim Staley, for gleaning the script
from the movie, which was proofed and
provided on the web by Mike Skoko
link to script

Disclaimer: Not an Allegory

A final thought,
borrowed from Mike Skoko:

"Each time the rebels
resorted to violent acts
It bought them nothing but
a few seconds to run
And it cost them plenty

"They were fighting
a war of attrition
Rebels either ran away or died
Agents were inconvenienced,
never harmed
Innocent bystanders died
Not a real effective strategy

"Only when Neo demonstrated
he'd transcended brute force
did things change
Then the agents ran away

"The answer wasn't about guns
Wasn't about violence

"It was about transcendence"


Script and photos from the Matrix
are the creative property of
Warner Brothers

Escape the Matrix


Get grappled

Get training

Eat cookies : the Oracle

Get distracted : Mouse

Crave the Matrix : Cypher

Whose Life Will it Be? : Neo's choice

Temet Nosce : Know Thyself